Adenium Aticles

Adenium Containers

First and foremost thing before choosing a container. Decide how big you want to grow your Adenium Caudex. Adenium is a desert plant which survies in one of the worst climatic conditions with minmal water and nutrients. If adenium gets lots of nutirients and water it grows well and stores them in its stem and its caudex size increases many fold as the adenium grows you will not find the caudex sizes, that you can notice only after removing the adenium from the soil.

Drainage in Adenium Containers:

The containers should have holes in the bottom, so that no water stagnation happens after watering. Water stagnation will cause adeniums root rot.

Containers for seeds : shallow one inch container is good enough for adenium seeds to grow. you can use seed trays for that or small shallow containers.

Containers for seedlings: This is the stage you have to have different sizes for Adeniums based on the species you are growing .

Adenium Obesium grows well deep rooted, so a container having a feet height and diameter will help in good caudex formation.

Adenium Arabicum grows horizontally, so a container with a feet width and half a feet depth. i.e a shallow container compared to arabicum is need for its growth.Note that Arabicum grows horizontally so even a oval shape pot with less height will be a good container.

Adenium somalense grows robust and tall a bigger container about a feet depth and height is good for the first one year

Bonsai Containers : Adeniums are by nature good bonsai materials  and it grows well as bonsai's. Once you think your growth of adenium caudex is enough you can plant in a shallow bonsai containers showing its beautiful caudex shapes.

Big containers:

For a good healthy arabicum of 5 years of age  a container of 3 feet width and one feet depth will be of apt size.

Polythene covers:

Advantage of growing adenium in polythene covers in its early stages is that cost of polythene covers are cheaper and the caudex growth is not affeted as you grow in a pot.

Repotting :

Time to report a adenium is that you can find the caudex grows and your pots breaking after a year or so. i.e it is time to move adenium to next size of container if you want a still bigger caudex.

Note that each time you repot the adenium in a bigger container expose the caudex. i.e plant the adenium little higher than before exposing more caudex.

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Subrat ranjan prusti From : Bhubaneswar-6 - India 2016-02-20 12:56:06
My visit to the Nursery and to the excellent narration and explanation in detail by Mr J Reddy was very very illuminating.