Adenium Aticles

Adenium Cultivation

Adeniums Cultivation is not very popular in India. The main reason is lack of awareness about Adeniums cultivation. Adeniums cultivation have become a difficult task for the normal nursery men and individual plant growers as they treat the Adeniums as any other garden plant. They commit the mistake of over watering the Adeniums, growing them in shade, not pruning  the Adeniums, not exposing the caudex of Adeniums as it grows, using the common garden mixture of soil like red soil, clay soil resulting in rotting of Adeniums roots and letting the Adeniums to die.

Another important reason is very few growers of Adeniums who were cultivating Adeniums in India for decades not sharing the knowledge of cultivating. 

In India Adeniums cultivation is at least 2 decades lagging behind Thai Adeniums growers, Indonesian Adeniums growers, Taiwan & Chinese Adeniums cultivators

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