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The first dedicated Adeniums Nursery in India was started by   Mr. Ashish from Bombay (now Mumbai). His nursery name is Tropica Nursery.

Adeniums India stared collecting Hybrid Adeniums in the year 2004. Our first Adeniums consignment of 25 different  Adeniums hybrids arrived in plastic potted containers by air from Tropica Nursery. Tropica Nursery adeniums were of good quality and those Adeniums hybrids grew in our farm very well. These Adeniums hybrids from Tropica nursery  is now our Adeniums mother plants, which supply us lot of scions for grafting ( both flat grafting & v grafting). Tropica Nursery was our business inspiration to grow Adeniums in  large scale in India.

Mr. N.R. Sundaram of Ben Adeniums from Trichy, in South India did lot of research in growing, cultivating adeniums.

Mr. N.R. Sundaram is our God father for   growing Adeniums.  Mr. N.R. Sundaram guided us step by step in growing adeniums. In the year 2005 with the joint venture with Ben Adeniums we went to Thailand to procure the latest Adeniums hybrids. We collected around 125 more varities of Adenium Hybrids along with  25 Adenium  Hybrids from Torpica  Nursery. We collected other Adeniums species like Adenium Arabicums, Adenium Somalance, Adenium Multiflorum, Adenium Crispum, Adenium Bohenium and Adenium Socotram. Unfortunately after 4 years of growing Adenium Socotram we lost our only Adenium Socotram.

Since we were inexperienced in growing Adeniums  Mr. N.R. Sundaram of Ben Adeniums (NOW ABENA ADENIUMS, BENAA NURSERY, NACHALUR) was very patient in teaching us the tips and tricks in growing Adenium Hybrids.

Our sincere thanks to Mr. N.R. Sundaram of Ben Adeniums (NOW ABENA ADENIUMS, BENAA NURSERY, NACHALUR) without  his support Adeniums India would not have reached this heights. Today Adeniums India is also one of the fully dedicated Adenium nursery growing, cultivating, grafting, sharing the knowledge that Mr. N.R. Sundaram of Ben Adeniums gave us to all the Indian Adenium growers, Adenuim plant lovers.

Our sincere thanks  also to Adenium Yahoo Group, Thailand Adenium Growers, Indonesian Adenium Cultivars,  Mr. KO of Thaiwan, for his flat grafting techniques. This flat grafting helped us to propagate Hybrid Adeniums in a large scale with lesser scion.

Last but not the least, thanks to Mr. David Clow for the beautiful photographic illustration of Adenium Cross Pollination. This knowledge helped us to cross pollinate in our nursery. We have also shared the knowledge in our website. So that many more new Adnium growers in India are benefited. 

Today our Adenium Nursery is one of the largest and leading, dedicated Adenium Nursery in India. Our sucess in our growth as Adenium Nursery is due to our determination in growing only adeniums and discarded other  plants and kept our full farm focused in only growing and propagating Adeniums.

We have about 10,000 Hybrid Adeniums dedicated as mother stock to propagate adeniums in large scale. Our aim  as largest adenium nursery is to reach every  house in India and let our adenium bloom there. Since price is a major factor in India to popularise adeniums, we are proud to sell around 220 adenium cultivars for average price of rupees 65.  Our aim is to sell around 100 varieties for Rupees fifty (50) by August 2013. We are sure that we will achieve our goal in the next year. 

In less than 6 years from 250 – 300 adenium plants our stock grew to 200,000 plants.

Mr. Vargeese of Continental Cactorium of  Kakkassery, Kerala gave us new business idea of selling Adenium seedling  for Rs.2. Growing Adenium from seed is not easy for a common nursery. Adenium have high mortality from seed to seedlings due to various climatic, local conditions, lack of knowledge, using garden soil, red soil, clay soil, over watering etc.,

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Sita Dayanandan From : Kollam, Kerala - India 2014-08-27 12:03:18
I am a new \"fan\" of adenium plants and would like to know as much as possible about its growth and propagation. Would like to know more details about the cost too! Thanks and regards Sita Dayanandan
Anand.Butchiraju From : Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh - India 2014-10-06 10:17:43
I wish to buy adenium plants for my house
Aravindakshan M, From : Thrissur, Kerala - India 2014-10-09 14:22:22
I am interested in growing Adenium. Like to get 50 plants( hybrids) to start with. Can u send me by courier COD
Brijender Singh From : arkkonam - India 2015-03-04 05:45:04
I would like to purchase adeniam socotranum. If you have any then kindly send me a message or call or maybe you can give cutting. My mobile number is 08085013637
Mahesh vishnoi From : Kanpur ( Uttar Pradesh ) - India 2015-04-06 22:30:15
I want to grow a . Arbicum , A.crispum, A. Bohemian , Amultiflora, A. Socotram, A. Somalance and other hybrids . Please suggest and guide me
Manohar reddy From : pernambut - India 2015-06-01 18:14:10
i want to raise ADENIUM nursery,please guide me.
Rita Joyce Singh From : Kanpur Cantt. India - India 2015-06-26 12:47:10
I wish to start growing Adeniums and ned to know how to get it the Cultivars or the seeds here in Kanpur where do I go to purchase it. thanks Mrs Rita Singh/Kanpur.
Ravi From : meerut - India 2015-09-25 20:07:04
How can I buy the plants today and at what rates
Suresh From : new delhi - India 2015-10-04 10:07:12
where do i find adenium plants/seedlinks/seeds at reasonable rate in delhi
Elaine Fernandes From : Bangalore - India 2016-07-28 21:22:53
Hi, I would like to purchase 200 Nos. of adeniums of 10 Nos of 20 colours/varieties each. Kindly advise availability and best price