Adenium Aticles

Why adeniums is a UNIQUE TREE

Adeniums by its nature, it grows like a Bonsai tree. These unique tree's  are found in nature in deserts of Arabia and Africa.

In the  Socotra Island,  geographically isolated from mainland Africa for the last 6 or 7 million years you can find  Alien-looking plants of adeniums, looking like massive elephants upside down, with huge caudex at the bottom and huge stems, size of the elephant foot.

 We are one of the largest producer of Adeniums in India, exclusively producing this unique trees.  We sell 3 year old grafted  adeniums.  We have a wide range of  adenium hybrids, with more than 300 hybrids, all under one roof. All our hybrid adeniums are coded and stocked seperately.

We have seperate section for  Adenium bonsai's. Interested members can learn the art of Adenium Bonsai from our experts, who will teach them  how to prune and wire the adeniums and how to shape the roots. Our Adenium Bonsai Section is supported by ABC [Adenium Bonsai Club], firt  club of its kind exclusively dedidcated to Adenium Bonsai's. Any one is interested in learning the art of Bonsai and create Unique Bonsai Tree's are welcome to our farm.

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