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Adeniumsindia Is A Progressive And Dynamic Organization, We Are The India's Reputed Growers Of Quality Hybrid Adeniums. Adeniumsindia Is A Green Lush Spacious Land Sprawling Around 15 Acres Which Is 50 Kms Away From Chennai City Limits Which Makes Our Adeniums Free From All Types Of Pollutants.

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Farm Address: Easanakuppam, Sulaimeni Village, Uthukottai Taluk, Tamil Nadu 602028.

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Giant Adenium

Adenium arabicum ia a remarkable succulent plant with a grotesquely swollen trunk which resembles a miniature baobab tree. Adenium arabicum is similar in appearance to Adenium obesum, but creates a massive, more squat and fat caudex without much differentiation between trunk and branches and is the most succulent and “desert like” species. The fleshy trunks and short naked branches are also somewhat more coloured in purple to dark brown. Plants grown from seed produce the most amazing shapes of caudex on just 20 years.


2–5 m tall, but usually much smaller, very fleshy, with a distinct irregular swollen base, or caudex up to 2 m in diameter. The caudex can be globose to conical with smooth, pale greyish-green, brown or black smooth epidermis. The branches are short, usually upright, tortuous and irregularly spaced . The plant contains a copious sticky watery or white sap that flows from broken stem as well as from other plant parts like leaves, roots etc.


The flowers range from carmine-red to pinkish, often with a whitish blush outward of the throat.

Blooming time

It is capable of flowering all year, even sparingly during the winter, but it is more floriferous during the dry periods of Spring and Autumn. Flowers appear often before leaves on deciduous branches, and for a time the crown is adorned only with flowers as new leaves emerge below the flowers. The flowers opening for 2-3 days.

Adenium Hybrids

We have more than 400 varities of Adenium Hybrids in our farm, both single and multipetals.

Single Petal

Adenium Hybrids

Eye catching adenium hybrids that flowers profusely for 3-6 months depending upon the cultivars

Multi Petal

Adenium Hybrids

Eye catching mulipetal adenium hybrids that flowers profusely for 3-4 months depending upon the cultivars

Giant Adenium

Exotic Specimens

Huge caudex 6 feet in diameter and 6 feet height

Adenium Bonsai

Natural Bonsai

Adeniums naturally looks like a bonsai tree and can be improved upon and tained for better looking bonsai specimens

Adenium Arabicum


Arabicum huge caudex, makes it stand out

Adenium Somalance


Somalance Adenium not grafted pink flower, tall growing like tree


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Farm Location:

Easanakuppam, Sulaimeni Village, Uthukottai Taluk,Tamil Nadu 602028.